Saturday, February 12, 2011

Andrew Kopp and George Kopp Pennsylvania Kentucky long rifles

I took my Andrew Kopp rifle to Mark Wheland in Williamsburg to drop it off for restoration. On the way, I grabbed a couple quick pictures of an Andrew and George Kopp rifle that are already in my family.

My dad's Andrew Kopp rifle has the darker stock coloring and larger bore, my Andrew Kopp rifle has the cable ties holding it together prior to restoration, and my dad's George Kopp rifle has the lightest stock color:

If anyone has photos of Kopp rifles they would like to share, or knows of any that are available, please send me an email at docpolycarp_at_yahoo_dot_com. Also, David Douglass of Huntingdon County was a Pennsylvania Kentucky long rifle maker who worked under/with Andrew Kopp in the Geeseytown gunsmith shop. We are looking for more information about him, as well as any photos of his rifles and any examples of his work that might be available.

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