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Kopp geneology

Johann Georg KAPP
Maria Catharina __?__ Husband: Johann Georg KAPP
Birth: by 1685
Death: bef. 29 Jan 1731/2, Bavaria Marriage: Wife: Maria Catharina __?__
Birth: by 1690
Death: 29 Jan 1731/2, Bottenweiler, Parish of Wildenholz, Mittelfranken, Bavaria
Children — born in the hamlet of Bottenweiler, Parish of Wildenholz, Mittelfranken, Bavaria:
1. Johann Michael KAPP, b. 30 Jul 1705? — to Philadelphia in 1732 on the ship Pennsylvania
2. Maria Helena KAPP, b. 15 Jan 1706/7
3. Johann Georg Friedrich KAPP, b. 5 Jan 1708/9 — to Philadelphia in 1732 on the ship Pennsylvania
4. Johann Andreas KAPP, b. 19 Apr 1711 — to Philadelphia in 1732 on the ship Adventure
5. Johann Georg Veit/Vitus/Titus/Fyt KAPP, b. 12 Oct 1713 — to Philadelphia in 1737 on the ship Charming Nancy
6. Eva Barbara KAPP, b. 4 Apr 1716
7. Johann Georg Martin KAPP, b. aft. 1720, prob. in 1721 — to Philadelphia in 1737 on the ship Charming Nancy

(Johann) Georg Friederich KAPP
Eva Maria GRAFF Husband: (Johann) Georg Friederich KAPP
Birth: 5 Jan 1708/9, Bottenweiler, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]
Death: 28 Apr 1749
Disposition: buried Tulpehocken Church Graveyard, Berks Co., PA
Migration: 1732, to Pennsylvania (with brother, Joh. Michael KAPP), on the ship Pennsylvania Merchant
Religion: 1743-46, member, Tulpehock [Lutheran] Church, Berks Co., PA
Father: Johann Georg KAPP
Mother: Maria Catharina __?__ Marriage: 26 Feb 1739, Tulpehocken Church, Berks Co., PA Wife: Eva Maria GRAFF
Birth: ca. 1710s
Disposition: buried Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery, Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA
Other spouse: m2. 14 Nov 1749, Christian M√úLLER/MUELLER/MILLER; m3. Johann Georg Martin KAPP
Father: Hans Georg GRAFF
Mother: Magdalena __?__
Children — born in Berks Co., PA:
1. Johann Friedrich KAPP, bap. 22 Sep 1740, Berks Co., PA; d. 17 Apr 1823, Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA; m1. Maria Barbara Catharina STRICKLER; m2. Christina NEWMAN
2. Maria/Mary KAPP, b. aft. 1740
3. Johann George Michael KAPP, b. 25 Dec 1744 or 1745

(Johann) George Michael KAPP
Susanna Margaret SCHNEIDER Husband: (Johann) George Michael KAPP
Birth: 25 Dec 1744 or 1745, Berks Co., PA
Death: by 11 Nov 1794, York Co., PA
Father: Johann George Friedrich KAPP
Mother: Eva Maria GRAFF Marriage: 15 Nov 1768 Wife: Susanna Margaret SCHNEIDER / SNYDER
Birth: ca. 1749
Children: — born in Berks Co., PA (baptized Christ Lutheran Church, Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA):
1. Eva Marie KAPP, b. 7 Mar 1772; bap. 27 Mar 1772; died in infancy
2. Maria Magdalena KAPP, b. 14 Nov 1774; bap. 11 Dec 1774
3. Eva Marie KAPP, b. 20 Feb 1776; bap. 24 Feb 1776
4. Maria Catharina KAPP, b. 20 Jul 1779
5. Andrew KAPP/KOPP, b. 13 Oct 1781
6. George Leonard KAPP, b. 6 Oct 1784; bap. 25 Dec 1784
7. John Jacob KAPP, b. 1 Jan 1788; bap. 6 Feb 1788
— born in Paradise Twp., York Co., PA:
8. (Son A) KAPP, b. 1790-95

Andrew KOPP
Elizabeth __?__ Husband: Andrew KAPP/KOPP
Birth: 13 Oct 1781, Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA
Baptism: 11 Nov 1781, Christ's Lutheran Church, Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA
Death: 1875, Frankstown Twp., Blair Co., PA
Disposition: buried Geeseytown Cemetery, Frankstown Twp., Blair Co., PA
Occupation: gunsmith
Father: Johann George Michael KAPP
Mother: Susanna Margaret SCHNEIDER/SNYDER Marriage: Wife: Elizabeth __?__
Birth: 1784-90
Death: 1850-60
Disposition: buried Geeseytown Cemetery, Frankstown Twp., Blair Co., PA
Occupation: homemaker
Children — born in PA, probably York Co. (data in braces are {year: age, birthplace} from the 1850 Census):
1. Jacob KOPP, b. 1802/3 {1850: 47, PA; 1860: 50, PA; 1870: 61, PA; 1880: 73, PA}
2. Eliza KAPP, b. 1811/12
3. George KOPP, b. 1813/4
George KOPP
Margarett __?__ Husband: George KOPP / COPP
Birth: 1813/4, PA
Occupation: gunsmith
Father: Andrew KOPP
Mother: Elizabeth __?__ Marriage: Wife: Margarett __?__
Birth: 1817/8, PA
Occupation: homemaker Children:
1. (Son) KOPP, b. 1835-40; d.s.p. by 1850
4. Andrew KOPP, b. 14 Nov 1814/5

Jacob KOPP
Sarah A. FAUST Husband: Jacob KOPP
Birth: 1802/3, PA
Death: aft. 1880
Occupation: laborer, farmer
Father: Andrew KOPP
Mother: Elizabeth __?__ Marriage: Wife: Sarah A. FAUST / FOUST
Birth: 1802/3, PA
Death: 1870-80, Cambria Co., PA
Occupation: homemaker
1. George Washington KOPP, b. 17 Apr 1833, Frankstown Twp., Huntingdon [now Blair] Co., PA; d. 19 Aug 1911, Burnside Twp., Clearfield Co., PA; m. 12 Jun 1856, Clearfield Co., PA, Hester/Esther "Hettie" KEIRN, d/o Nathan & Susannah
2. (Daughter A) KOPP, b. 1835-40
3. Andrew H. KOPP, b. 1836/7
4. Margaret KOPP, b. 1843/4

Andrew H. KOPP
Martha KEIRN Husband: Andrew H. KOPP
Birth: 1836/7, PA
Occupation: carpenter
Father: Jacob KOPP
Mother: Sarah A. FAUST Marriage: Wife: Martha KEIRN
Birth: 1840/1, PA
Occupation: homemaker
Father: Nathan KEIRN, b. 1801/2, MD (stonemason)
Mother: Susanna CARL
1. Amanda Bell KOPP, b. 1861/2
2. Henrietta KOPP, b. 1864/5
3. Mary A. KOPP, b. 1867/8
4. George W. KOPP, b. 1870
5. Margaret "Maggie" KOOP, b. 1871/2
6. Catharine E. "Kate" KOOP, b. 1874/5
7. Harry KOPP, b. 1878/9

George W Kopp - United States Census, 1880, 1910

Residence: Logan, Blair, Pennsylvania
Birthdate: 1871
Birthplace: Pennsylvania, United States
Father's Name: Andrew H. Kopp
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania, United States
Mother's Name: Martha Kopp
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania, United States
Household Gender Age
George W Kopp M 39y
Spouse Alice R Kopp F 38y
Child Lorana R Kopp F 12y
Child Margaret J Kopp F 9y
Child Richard G Kopp M 2y
Child Donald J Kopp M 2y
Laselle Vanormer M 48y

Donald J Kopp
Born 1908
Spouse: Josephine Fischer (b. 1910)
Child: Patricia (b. 1932)
Child: William Newell (b. 1935)
Child: Donna Joann (b. 1937)

William N. Kopp
Born 1935
Spouse: Mary Louise Franks (b. 1935)
Child: Mark W.
Child: Constance L.
Child: Brian J.
Child: Timothy J.
Child: Roseann 

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  1. My name is Bruce Cable, and I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I've been doing some genealogy research on my family, and I happened upon your very interesting blog article regarding the Bedford County long rifles, and I noticed that your ancestor, Johann George Kapp arrived in Philadelphia on September 11, 1732 on the same ship, the Philadelphia Merchant! They were Swiss who had immigrated to the German Palatinate, thence to America and are listed as Philip Cavel & his wife Maria Cavel, and their daughter Barbara Cabal. Philip & Maria were my 6th great grand parents. Their actual surname was Kobel, but as I'm sure you know, spelling was hit & miss, mostly miss back then. I'm descended from their son Abraham Cable, who became a Sub Lieutenant (Lt. Colonel), in the Bedford County Militia. Two of his sons also served the patriot cause. Perhaps one of them used one of you great grandfather's rifles! There is a diary that one of the passengers wrote while a passenger on that same ship from the year before. In fact it docked in Philadelphia on the exact same day, September 11. It was fascinating to read a first hand account of some of the suffering that went on during their journey, knowing that it must have been quite the same for our own great's. I enjoyed reading your blog. Take care. Bruce Cable