Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ask Vladimir Putin to request the consecration of Russia this October 13th

As many Catholic readers already know,
Pope will consecrate world to Immaculate Heart of Mary
CWN - August 21, 2013

Pope Francis will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at a Vatican ceremony on October 13.
The “Marian Day” ceremony, organized by the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, will be held on the anniversary of the final appearance of the Virgin Mary at Fatima. For the occasion, the original statue of Our Lady of Fatima will be brought from the shrine in Portugal to the Vatican, for public veneration on October 12 followed by the consecration ceremony the following day.
Pope Francis will also speak on Marian devotion, and preside at Eucharistic adoration, and lead the Rosary with audio links to Marian shrines around the world on the eve of the consecration.

In 1925 the Fátima visionary Sr Lúcia dos Santos stated regarding the Virgin Mary of Fátima:

"... It was Our Lady of Fátima... with a crown of thorns... and said to me: "The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father in union with all the Bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.""

Regardless of differing views regarding prior efforts of Popes to fulfill the instructions expressed by Our Lady of Fatima regarding the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, perhaps Russian President Vladimir Putin could help encourage Pope Francis to include the Consecration of Russia, by name, during the Pope's October 13th ceremony at the Vatican.

Recently, President Putin stated he would defend Russia based on her religious values:

Russia will defend national identity, based on religious values - Putin

Valdai, September 20, Interfax - People will lose their human dignity without values enshrined in Christianity and other world religions, without moral standards that have taken millennia to take shape, President Vladimir Putin.

"We believe that it is natural and appropriate to defend those values. Any minority deserves respect for its distinctive identity, but the rights of the majority must not be questioned," Putin said during a meeting of the Valdai discussion club.

He believes, that Russia can't move forward without cultural and national self-determination. Otherwise the country won't be able to respond to external or internal challenges, can't be successful in global competition.

"Events that take place in the world represent one more serious challenge to the Russian identity. There are foreign policy and moral aspects to this. We have been able to see many Euro-Atlantic countries effectively embark on a path of renouncing their roots, including Christian values, which underlie Western civilization," Putin said.

"That involves the negation of moral principles and any traditional identity - national, cultural, religious, or even sexual," he said.

"Policies are pursued that put large families and same-sex partnerships in the same category, belief in God and belief in Satan. Excesses of political correctness reach the point where there are serious discussions on the registration of parties that have propaganda of pedophilia as their objective. People in many European countries are ashamed and afraid of speaking about their religion, holidays are abolished or given other names, names that shyly conceal the nature of those holidays, and aggressive attempts are made to force this model on the rest of the world," Putin said.

"This is a direct path to degradation and primitiveness, to deep demographic and moral crises," he said.

"What can be a better indication of a moral crisis in human society than its loss of the ability for self-reproduction?" Putin said.
President Putin needs as much supernatural assistance as possible in his efforts. The battle he is waging for Russia is the same battle Pope Francis is waging against the secularization, materialism and moral decay in the west.

Please consider contacting President Vladimir Putin at the website specifically established to email him at

Email correspondence is limited to 2000 characters. Here is a the text of the letter I just submitted:

Recently through the diplomatic efforts of Russia and global prayers lead by Pope Francis, war in Syria was narrowly averted. Christians in the Holy Land are being persecuted and killed, and western nations seem indifferent to their plight. We need your continued leadership in protecting the Christians in the Holy Land and in averting war in the middle east. In 1925, the Theotokos appeared to Sr. Lucia of Fatima and requested that Russia be consecrated, by name, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope, in union with the bishops of the world. Many believe this consecration has not been completed as explicitly requested for fear of offending the Russian Orthodox and/or the Russian government. Regardless of these controversies it is obvious that Russia is now the solitary nation defending traditional Christian Truths on the world stage. For her to continue to lead this fight for the soul of Christendom, Russia needs the Grace and Blessings of Our Lord and the intercession of the Theotokos in a way that is unique in the history of mankind.

Given the precarious state of world peace and the disintegration of family and morality, would you please consider using your considerable influence with both the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church to request that Pope Francis, when he consecrates the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this October 13th, that he specifically consecrate Russia, by name, to the Immaculate Heart of the Theotokos? With the blessings and encouragement of the Russian President and the Russian Orthodox Church, I truly believe this consecration would work miracles for your people and your Church, and for peace in our world. It would assist those of us battling the secularization and moral decay of the western nations immeasurably.

Please prayerfully consider this request.

Please ask Pope Francis to consecrate Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of the Theotokos this October 13.

Thank you,
Dr. Brian Kopp
Johnstown, PA, USA


  1. This is brilliant! Would a polite petition carry more weight? I'm passing this on!

  2. Oh no! You forgot to add in your letter to Putin that the consecration HAS to be done in unison with ALL the bishops in the world!

  3. It's a good idea and I think we should try it. However this quote is alarming and Putin may have other ideas: "Russia will march upon all the nations of Europe, particularly Italy, and will raise her flag over the dome of St. Peter's." (Prophetic Vision of Sr. Elena Aiello, Foundress of The Sister Minims)

  4. This is brilliant, and so needed. I have already sent my letter to Mr Putin, and will spread the word as best I can.

    Aged Parent

  5. Dolorosa - -we always assumed that would be a bad thing. As things are playing out, perhaps not?!

  6. Brilliant indeed! I just sent my letter to President Putin.

  7. Why would Putin ask to consecrate Russia to a devotion that is alien to their tradition? The Russian Orthodox already have a deep devotion to the Virgin.

  8. Think I may move to Russia ~ just kidding.

  9. I copied these comments from someone because I agree with his comments.

    If Russia had been properly consecrated as so many neo-Catholics insist, Russia would no longer be persecuting the Catholic Church. Russia would not lead the world in abortion statistics and suicide. Russia would be an agent of peace. Its “orthodox” church would no longer be staffed by schismatic KGB operatives, but by converts to the Catholic faith. And if Fatima was a mere “private” revelation...70,000 people would not have witnessed the most colossal visible miracle in history.

  10. The Russian Orthodox suffered horribly for 70 years under the Communists, and many Russian Orthodox were martyred for their Faith. There is some evidence that some Russian Orthodox cooperated with the KGB. (When you have a wife and children, its not hard to blackmail a married priest into cooperating with an evil regime.) But the rebirth of Faith in Russia is not to be underestimated, and any eventual reunion of East and West may not take a form any of us anticipate. It may not be the case of one side "converting" to the other so much as both sides finally coming together in a way only God knows.

  11. Mr Putin is a Christian from St Petersburgh and recently authorised that 600 Churches that were closed under Communism , be refurbished and re-opened because the people of Russia want it so. I sent him an email yesterday and today I posted him a Miraculous Medal with my request to Consult with the Holy Father to carry out Our Lady's Request. I say a prayer that Mr Putin is safe because he is important to us all.

  12. +JMJ+

    I have done so 3 weeks ago... haven't got a reply, but still...

    Yours in Jesus and Marie,


  13. +JMJ+

    You can see my letter (sent as an attachment, in French) + the English text sent through the Russian government website, on September 23. I would have expected a short reply saying they indeed received the message.

    Yours in Jesus and Mary,


  14. It looks like Putin maybe really did read our letters
    Source: Fr. Paul Kramer at 4 minutes in:

  15. Thanks Greg. Here is a second talk by the same priest where he goes into a little more depth, starting at around 42:00 into the video:

  16. I just sent a follow up email:

    Dear President Putin,
    In September of 2013, I wrote to you requesting that you ask Pope Francis to consecrate Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of the Theotokos when you met with him in Rome, according to the request of Our Lady of Fatima.

    I know at the time that other faithful Catholics also wrote to you with similar requests. See here for background:

    Recently two Catholic priests, Fr. Nicholas Gruner and Fr. Paul Kramer, have publicly stated that, through diplomatic channels, they learned that you had indeed spoken with Pope Francis about this issue in the fall of 2013 when you met with him in Rome.

    Could you possibly comment on whether you spoke to our Holy Father on this subject, and if so, what his response was? Many faithful Catholics are praying for you, as you continue to be the defender of Christians and Christian ideals while the western world has turned its back on Christians and traditional morality.

    They are also praying that Pope Francis would heed the request of the Theotokos to Consecrate Russia, and would be most appreciative of hearing from you any thoughts you might have on the matter.

    May God Bless you abundantly.

    In Christ,
    Dr. Brian Kopp
    Johnstown, PA, USA